R22 Gas Replacement Phase Out

What is R22 Gas

R-22 is a hydrochloroflurocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant gas commonly used within air conditioning systems, process chillers and industrial refrigeration plant applications prior to 2003.


R22 Gas Replacement Phase Out

R22 Systems Are At The End Of Their Operational Lives

Regardless of the legislation, most R22 air conditioning systems in existence are now approaching the end of their useful life. It is possible to make interim modifications to a system running on R-22 gas; however a replacement is recommended. This is particularly the case when an unplanned system interruption would negatively impact the running of your business

New Air Conditioning Systems Are Now More Efficient

New technology for air conditioning and refrigeration systems make them significantly more energy efficient. There is a clear return on investment as the reduction in energy bills will pay for your new system as well as reducing your C02 emissions.

The UK government is supporting the replacement of systems running on R-22 gas as part of its Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

R22 Gas Equipment Banned

The European Union has banned the manufacture of equipment that contained R-22 gas due to the harm it causes to the ozone layer.  By 2015 the replacement and topping-up of this gas were made illegal. For equipment affected by the legislation, carrying out repairs or maintenance is very restrictive and in most cases a breach of law.

Although it is not illegal to have a functioning air conditioning or refrigeration system running on R-22 gas, if a fault occurs that is not attended to there are serious implications.

How Eaton Air Can Support Your R-22 Replacement

When considering replacing your old system, Eaton Air design a new system to meet the needs of your premises that work for your business. Our qualified engineers provide a professional installation and commissioning service on new air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We will also decommission your old system and responsibly dispose of it.

As an approved REFCOM installer we work major brands that include Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Toshiba.

Our installation service ensures your new system will be efficient, use the latest technology and will keep your business compliant with FGas regulations and your TM44 inspection up-to-date.


Eaton Air is an F-Gas certified company In accordance with the European Union F-Gas Regulation of 16 April 2104 it is a legal requirement for all companies who install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat-pump (RAC) equipment that contains “F gas” refrigerants to hold a Company Certificate issued by an appointed Company Certification Body. Eaton Air Limited has registered with REFCOM who have been formally named by Defra.

Furthermore, the F-Gas Regulation requires businesses and other organisations with air conditioning plant to make certain that the fluorinated greenhouse gases are contained within the systems.  You can read the full guidelines here.

R22 Gas Legislation Information

Read how Eaton Air can help your air conditioning and refrigeration systems comply with EU law.


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