The Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump process starts with a free on site appraisal where we assess which installations are the most cost effective from a capital and ongoing cost basis.


We can provide an Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump service into new build or retro fit into an existing premises. We work around our clients needs with minimal disruption.


Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump is important to maintain the efficiency of the system, extend its useful life and above all, ensure that it is performing safely and legally.

Daikin Altherma Hybrid Heat Pump


The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is a unique combination of a high efficiency gas combi boiler and renewable energy air-to-water heat pump.

Unlike other available boiler-heat pump combinations, it works in series rather than in parallel.
This means the flow of one can feed into the return of the other in certain economical operating modes.

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The boiler and heat pump can run in combination or in isolation, to maximise energy-efficiency and minimise running costs. The system comprises of a single combined indoor unit, plus an outdoor heat pump unit. The indoor unit’s compact size means it can usually be fitted easily into the same space as the boiler it is replacing.

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is a domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI) ready heating system.

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is controlled by smart hybrid logic. This automatically selects the most cost-effective heating mode at any time of day or night, all year-round.

It takes into account external temperatures and internal heat and hot water demand, as well as the relative cost of gas and electricity.

Home-owners and tenants can input their latest energy tariffs so that the smart hybrid logic control can identify the most economical operating mode. It maximises the use of the heat pump as long as this is more cost-efficient than using the gas boiler.

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is ideal for replacing on-gas and LPG boilers as there’s no need to replace existing radiators and pipework.

The Hybrid is most suited to properties with heat loads from 12kW-20kW, but can cover heat loads up to 27kW.

What is a gas condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler burns gas to heat up the heating system water. At the same time, it extracts energy from the exhaust gases to pre-heat the heating return water.

This condensing operation is most efficient when the incoming water temperature is as low as possible.

What is an air-to-water heat pump?

An air-to-water heat pump uses a sustainable energy source: air. In a closed loop containing a refrigerant, it extracts the heat and increases it to a higher temperature. This heat is transferred to your home’s central heating distribution system via a heat exchanger.

At any time, the smart logic selects one of four available operating modes to ensure the most economical performance:

Heat pump only: ideal in mild temperatures. Heat pump capacity and efficiency is high enough to satisfy total demand

First hybrid mode: operational when outdoor temperature drops. Heat pump efficiency falls but continues to operate. Boiler provides additional heat required

Second hybrid mode: comes into use when the outdoor temperature drops further and the heat pump efficiency reduces. The unique flow control automatically regulates the variable speed pump to slow the flow rate. This raises the heat pump efficiency for as long as possible before switching totally to boiler mode.

Boiler only: When the outdoor temperature is very low, the system temperature requirement is highest. In these conditions, the pump is less economical, so only the boiler operates.

Hybrid benefits

Single renewable solution

  • For all on-gas and LPG boiler replacements – most suited to properties with 12kW-20kW heat load
  • Connects to existing radiators (up to 80oC)
  • Also connectable to other heat emitters
  • Rapid start-up: gas boiler can be commissioned before the outdoor heat pump unit to provide heating quickly.
  • Easy and fast installation – Minimal Disruption
  • No need to change existing radiators or pipework
  • Dimensions similar to old boiler being replaced
  • All key hydraulic components included
  • Extensive flue options for boiler: 60/100 up to 10m; 80/125 up to 29m
  • Front access to key components and familiar arrangement of connections at base
  • Quick commissioning with advanced user interface
  • Low running costs for space heating
  • Up to 35% more efficient for space heating than a conventional new gas combi boiler
  • Constantly monitors the most energy efficient and cost effective operation between electric heat pump and gas boiler based on energy tariffs
  • …and for domestic hot water
  • System achieves up to 15% greater efficiency than a traditional gas boiler
  • Boiler provides certainty of hot water supply, while heat pump simultaneously provides all space heating
  • Eligible for Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (dRHI)
  • The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump entitles homeowner to claim payment for every kWh generated by heat pump for 7-year period
  • Business opportunity for installers

The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is quite simply the most advanced solution in the UK for replacing gas or LPG boilers. Our Hybrid system is particularly suitable for 2-3 bedroom homes, which have typical heat loads 12kw-20kW. There are over 8 million UK homes in this category – and an estimated 7 out of 10 have gas heating. As their gas boilers will typically need replacing after 10-15 years’ service, the size of this market potential is huge.

As the most energy-efficient combo boiler replacement solution, the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump will enhance your offer. Your prospective customers will also appreciate these other system benefits:

Combined indoor unit requires no more installation space than a conventional combi boiler

Connectable to existing radiators and pipework

Eligible for the Government’s Renewable Heating Incentive when fitted by an MCS-registered installer

These mean that homeowners will have no significant disruption and may qualify for contributions to installation costs.

Installers of the Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump require both F-Gas and Gas Safe certifications. In addition, installers should also be registered as MCS [Microgeneration Certification Scheme] installers. This is a mandatory requirement to enable domestic customers to apply for RHI financial support. Ask Daikin UK for advice about MCS certification

The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] scheme for domestic properties is due to start in Spring 2014. The Daikin Altherma hybrid heat pump is eligible for domestic RHI applications. Homeowners and social landlords will be able to claim retrospectively for Hybrid installations completed before the domestic RHI scheme goes live. A suitable heat meter and electric meter arrangement will be required. Domestic RHI will pay 7.3p for each kWh of renewable heat generated by the heat pump for a period of 7 years.

  • Hybrid primary energy efficiency PE-sCOP 120%
  • SEDBUK rating 89.1% (NG) and 90.1% (LPG)
  • Delivers flow temperatures up to 80oC
  • Up to 15% higher efficiency for domestic hot water compared to average condensing combi boilers.
  • Two options available: 5kW and 8kW options
  • High efficiency with COP up to 5.04 (5kW and 4.45 (8kW) (EN 14511 Air 7°C, Water 35°C)
  • New inverter control
  • High modulation range 1.8-5kW (5kW) 1.8-10kW (8kW)

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